One of the biggest challenges you can ever face is that of having to deal with a suicidal spouse. Yet if you  encounter such a challenge, you have to rise to the occasion, and try to deal with it in the best way possible. A suicidal spouse is a person in need of help. So they need to be handled with love, even as they are steered towards seeking help. More specifically, while handling a suicidal spouse, you need to:

  1. Show them that they are valuable: many people develop suicidal ideation because of the feeling that they don’t matter, and that other people around them don’t value them. So these are the feelings you need to be working against. It is not easy. You will soon realize that the negative thoughts arise due to deep-seated imbalances in neurochemistry (such as serotonin and dopamine). So it is not easy to counteract them without addressing the neuro-chemical imbalances. But you still need to do your very best. All along, you need to continue treating the suicidal spouse in a normal way, with love and respect. You need to continue doing to them the (positive) things that you have always done for them. Like if, for instance, you always give them gift cards during their birthday, you need to ensure that you maintain this ritual. Granted, they may have deteriorated to a level where they can’t even manage the gift cards at, say, the portal. But the truth about the gift cards is that you can use them to withdraw funds (or to shop) without necessarily having to visit the Mygiftcardsite portal. The most important thing here is to show the suicidal spouse that they are still valued, and that they can’t afford to let you down by acting on their suicidal thoughts. If you are consistent enough in doing this, you may soon get to a level where they overcome the suicidal ideation. The most important thing is to counteract the negative thoughts.
  2. Empathize with their situation: many people who develop suicidal tendencies tend to be folks who feel overwhelmed with various issues. By discussing and navigating the issues with them, you can help them see that the issues are not as huge or as scary as they appear. This may serve to draw them from the suicidal ideation.
  3. Convince them to seek professional help: as noted earlier, suicidal ideation is often due to imbalances in neurochemistry. The only way to balance these imbalances is usually through the administration of the appropriate psychiatric medication. It therefore becomes ideal to do your very best to see to it that the spouse who has suicidal ideation gets access to such professional help as soon as possible.