Recently, there were reports in the media about an employee of one of the ‘big 4’ audit firms who committed suicide by jumping off a 17th floor window at his workplace. The story generated quite a bit of negative news coverage for the employer, especially when it came to light that the deceased employee had ‘burnout’ issues. And that whole story got many of us thinking on whether there is anything that employers can do, to ensure that their employees don’t commit suicide.

Experts tell us that, indeed, there are things that employers can do, to lower the chances of their employees committing suicide. To be sure, there is nothing that an employer can do to ensure that, with 100%, employees don’t commit suicide. This is always a complex issue, where many factors come into play. But there are certainly thing that an employer can do, to lower the chances of an employee committing suicide.

If, as an employer, you want to lower the chances of your employees committing suicide, you need to:

  1. Ensure that they have access to psychiatric care
  2. Create a positive workplace culture
  3. Ensure that the employees are not overworked
  4. Ensure that the employees have some flexibility in their work schedules
  5. Encourage workers who look disturbed to seek help
  6. Ensure that your employees are given personal finance management training
  7. Give adequate compensation/remuneration to your employees

It is also a good idea to ensure that the workers have adequate time off-work. You may also need to hold training sessions for the employees, where they’d get trained on how to relax and how to use their time off-work appropriately. An off-work employee can, for instance, spend the time visiting friends, relaxing with her family, engaging in sports, watching TV series (after, say, going through the fxnetworks sign up process)… and so on. The objective would be to ensure that the employees are fully refreshed, by the time they go back to work. This way, chances of them suffering from work-related burnout, which at times lead to depression (potentially resulting in suicide) would be greatly lowered. So in a nutshell, what you need to do, as an employer, is set up a proper support system for your employees.